Biodol Therapeutics develops first-in-class compounds, based on the disruptive discovery of the key role of FLT3 in chronic pain.
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Biodol Therapeutics made a breakthrough discovery on the origin and maintenance of NP. Biodol Therapeutics specifically demonstrated that FLT3 is necessary and sufficient to generate experimental NP in animals. Most importantly, Biodol Therapeutics showed that inhibiting FLT3 reduces allodynia, pain hypersensitivity and spontaneous pain, the three main symptoms of NP, without affecting normal nervous system functioning (Nature Communications 2018). Moreover, recent discoveries by Biodol Therapeutics' academic partnership (Cyril Rivat - Jean Valmier at the INSERM Institute of Neuroscience of Montpellier) and Biodol Therapeutics extend the scope of indications to those amenable to treatment with opioids, which could be improved (morphine-dose sparing). This latter advance significantly expands the targeted market, especially in the US, which is fighting the Opioid Crisis. Biodol Therapeutics owns the exclusive rights on a portfolio of 4 patents including an international one claiming the use of any FLT3 inhibitor to treat NP, granted in the United States and Europe, composition-of-matter patent and one protecting the use of any FLT3 inhibitor in combination with opioids.

Biodol Therapeutics operates preclinical development of innovative and proprietary FLT3 inhibitors (BDT compounds). Biodol Therapeutics has already identified lead compounds which target the extracellular domain of receptor and are active in vivo to reduce NP symptoms.

Biodol Therapeutics has significant differentiating factors, which makes it a unique opportunity for investment and partnership:

• Breakthrough in the physiopathology of chronic NP: identification of FLT3 as a key controller
• Strong IP position
• Treatment specific to NP, with clear competitive advantages compared to existing treatments
• Potential to cover most chronic pain indications, through newly discovered interactions with opioids
• No direct competition and limited competition from compounds acting through other targets
• World total market for the targeted indications estimated to be US$23 billion per year
• Strong, well experienced and dedicated team.
Biodol Therapeutics was set up by an experienced and dynamic team with complementary scientific and working experiences.
PhD in Chemistry
Chief Executive Officer
Since 15 years he has been committed in creating, fund raising and managing innovative and successful companies. Former founder of biotech company that he ran from the technology discovery in an academic laboratory to the first clinical trial in Human. Twice laureate of ILab/BpiFrance contest.
PhD in Molecular Pharmacology
Chief Scientific Officer
Former director of the INSERM Unit of Molecular Neurobiology and Pharmacology at Hospital Ste-Anne in Paris. Former Director of Exploratory R&D for Neurology-Psychiatry at Pierre Fabre Laboratories.
PhD in Neuroscience
Principal Scientific Advisor
Professor at the University of Montpellier and has his laboratory at the INSERM Institute for Neurosciences of Montpellier (INM). His work focuses on physiology and pathology (NP) of the somato-sensory system and he made the princeps discovery of FLT3 in pain.
Pharmacist, PhD in Medicinal Chemistry
Principal Scientific Advisor
Research Director at CNRS and Director of the Laboratory for Therapeutic Innovation (LIT) in Strasbourg, worldwide recognized specialist of virtual screening.
Bernard PAU
PhD in Immunology
Honorary Professor at the University of Montpellier. Former Director of the Department of Life Sciences (CNRS, Paris).
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